• Step-by-step learning method
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced players
  • Workbooks available for extra exercises

How to increase your chess rating

Do you ask yourself how to increase your chess rating and are you looking for a book that gives you the answer? Then Chess-Steps provides you with the ultimate learning method for developing your chess skills. If you want to improve (and keep improving) in chess it is important to learn in a structured way. Many subjects can be applied at various levels, therefore the basics are unbelievable important. A solid base will help you throughout your entire chess career. Do not hop from random chess puzzle to chess puzzle, but learn en train subject by subject. Build up your skillset with our workbooks step-by-step.

How to increase your chess rating with a book from our collection

The strength of Chess-Steps is that it chops all tactics into little building blocks. Solving a chess problem with a subject is significantly easier than a problem without. Not only are all tactics categorized, Chess-Steps offers a search strategy for every subject as well. Students will develop a feeling for tactical positions, a sense for when to be alert and take advantage of badly placed pieces and weaknesses. The cooperation between pieces becomes more important with each Step. We also offer books to train visualization. Our books are available from Step 1 to Step 6. Depending on you strength and knowledge, you choose the step you want to practice. Every exercise focuses on a particular subject and every step leads you to the ultimate goal: increasing your understanding of chess and thereby your rating. Our manuals contain complete scripted lessons for the teacher and many other information about chess education.

Choose the right step and order your books online

Besides our books, students can also make use of our online chess puzzles. These are a nice addition to the step-by-step method integrated in our books. You can try them to see which Step you are at. Order the right book for yourself or your students online and discover how to increase your rating in the most effective way!

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