Step 4 rating up to 1750


The tactics are dominated by the preparatory move. The positional aspects of chess slowly become a part of the games of fourth step students. A basic feeling is created in the lessons "weak pawn" and "endgame strategy". It remains best to deal with positional factors while addressing the games of the students.




17 Basic lessons:

  1. Opening advantage
  2. Interfering
  3. Luring
  4. Blocking
  5. Thinking ahead
  6. The pin: luring
  7. The passed pawn
  8. Eliminating the defence
  9. The magnet
  10. Weak pawns
  11. Material advantage
  12. Chasing and targeting
  13. Attack on the king
  14. Seventh rank
  15. Endgame strategy
  16. Clearing
  17. Queen against pawn

11 lessons for workbook 'Plus':

  1. Attacking the king
  2. Vulnerability in the opening
  3. Interfering
  4. Blocking
  5. Draws
  6. Trapping
  7. Mini-plans
  8. Pawn endings
  9. Discovered attack
  10. Endgame technique
  11. Chess problems


Articles about:

  • Subject material
  • Chess games
  • Thinking ahead
  • Help
  • Applying the knowledge
  • The transition to the seniors
  • Analysing a position


Lesson summaries for:

  • Eliminating the defence: interfering
  • Double attack: luring
  • Eliminating the defence: blocking
  • Pin: placing front and back piece
  • Double attack: elimination of the defence
  • Double attack: chasing and targeting
  • Attacking the castled king
  • The seventh rank
  • Strategy in pawn endings
  • Double attack: clearing
  • Queen against pawn


+ 539 positions diagrammed

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