Step 2 rating up to 1400


The first principles of tactics and positional play are introduced in the second step. At this level all games are decided by tactics, so most of the attention is paid to this matter. It's recommended to complete Step 1, before starting with the second.




13 Basic lessons:

  1. Activity of pieces
  2. Double attack: queen (1)
  3. Double attack: queen (2)
  4. The pin
  5. Eliminating the defence
  6. The 3 golden rules
  7. Mate in two
  8. Double attack: knight
  9. Mating with the rook
  10. Double attack: RBQK
  11. Discovered attack
  12. Defending against mate
  13. Short notation

9 lessons for workbook 'Plus':

  1. Mate
  2. Pawn endings
  3. The opening
  4. Defending
  5. Route planner
  6. Working out mate
  7. Stalemate
  8. Winning material
  9. Playing rules


Articles about:

  • Chess development of a child
  • Characteristic features of children's play
  • Sequence of the teaching material
  • Teaching
  • Discussing the games of the children


Lesson summaries for:

  • Activity of pieces
  • Targets of attack
  • Double attack: queen
  • The pin
  • Eliminating the defence
  • The 3 golden rules
  • Discovered attack
  • Defending against mate
  • The short notation


+ 526 positions diagrammed

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