• Step-by-step learning method
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced players
  • Workbooks available for extra exercises

Chess puzzles online

Chess puzzles, on paper or online, are very useful to train your chess skills and reach new levels with respect to playing the real chess game. They help you to think ahead and, ultimately, increase your chess ratings. Every beginner and advanced player can take advantage of chess puzzles, both online and in books. Therefore, Chess-Steps offers you the opportunity to train your chess skills by uploading weekly online puzzles. We provide you six sets of eight new puzzles every week. You can use them as an extra educational and fun training in addition to the chess book you are working with at the moment.

Chess puzzles are perfect to play online

Are you a chess enthusiast or beginner and do you want to play chess puzzles online whenever you want? Then we offer you the perfect challenges in our puzzle corner. We provide every chess player, either experienced or beginner, online chess puzzles that we renew every week. When you are not in a situation that you can study your chess books, you are able to keep your chess skill up to date. Of course, these online chess puzzles, for both beginners and advanced players, are not the same as our teaching and learning books. These contain a lot more theory and possible game situations you can practice with.

Order your chess books

Discover new ways of learning chess and increasing your chess rating and choose our step-by-step method, which is applied in our learning and teaching books. These are a combination of workbook and manual and offer a practical way of mastering chess tactics and thinking ahead during games. You can order your books, from Step 1 to Step 6, in our web shop. Besides the basic learning and teaching books and online puzzles, we also offer a lot of extra books to complete your chess curriculum successfully.

About us

The company Chess-Steps is responsible for distributing and promoting the brand Chess-Steps, also known as 'The Steps Method' or 'de Stappenmethode'.


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